IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

Special Session on

Evolutionary Developmental Systems
June 20-23, 2013, Cancun, Mexico

Aim and Scope

    Computational modeling of biological development has received increasing interests in evolutionary computation, artificial life and computational systems biology. In the evolutionary computation community, evolutionary algorithms using an indirect coding or generative coding are believed to be more scalable in evolving highly complex systems, compared to those using a direct coding. A variety number of models for neural and morphological development have been proposed, ranging from a set of re-writing rules to gene regulatory network models including metabolic reactions. Meanwhile, all developmental models must be evolved to perform a particular function, which are known as evolutionary developmental systems (EDS).

    Evolution of developmental models is of great interest not only to efficient optimization of large-scale systems, but also to the understanding of the evolution of the body plan and neural control in living systems. This special session aims to promote cross-disciplinary research in evolutionary computation, artificial life, computational neuroscience and computational systems biology. Topics of the special session include but are not limited to:
    • Evolutionary algorithms using indirect or generative encoding
    • Evolution of computational models for morphological development
    • Computational models of neural development and neural plasticity
    • Artificial embryogeny
    • Developmental approach to reservoir computing
    • Co-evolution of neural control and body plan
    • Morphogenetic robotics and evolutionary developmental robotics
    • Gene regulatory network based tissue-like self-organization
    • Analysis of evolvability and robustness of developmental systems
    • Evolutionary synthesis of regulatory dynamics
    • Evolutionary and developmental approaches to engineering design

Paper Submission

    Special session papers should be submitted electronically through the IEEE CEC 2013 main website. Please choose "Evolutionary Developmental Systems" as the topic of your paper in submission.


  • Yaochu Jin
    Department of Computing
    University of Surrey
    Guildford, UK

  • Yongsheng Ding
    College of Information Sciences and Technology
    Donghua University
    Shanghai, China

Program Committee (tentative)

  • Josh Bogard
    University of Vermont, USA
  • Keith Downing
    NTNU, Norway
  • Rene Doursat
    Complex Systems Institute,France
  • Pauline C Haddow
    NTNU, Norway
  • Johannes Knabe
    University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Taras Kowaliw
    CNRS, France
  • Bob McKay
    Seoul National University, Korea
  • Julian Miller
    University of York, UK
  • Daniel Roggen
    ETH, Switzerland
  • James Sharpe
    CRG, Spain
  • Ken Stanley
    University of Central Florida, USA
  • Martin Trefzer
    University of York, UK
  • Andy Tyrrell
    University of York, UK
  • Gunnar Tufte
    NTNU, Norway
  • Borys Wrobel
    Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland